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The Applause stuffed toys are four dolls modeled after Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack, and Gadget. The latter is also known and famous as the Gadget plushie. In fact, all four are often referred to as "Ranger plushies" although they're technically none.


Released in 1989, the four stuffed toys are among the earliest Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers merchandise. Unfortunately, they didn't remain available for long, and since they were Disney Store exclusives, not many of these sets were sold. They weren't Applause's only CDRR products; there were also the figurines and the vehicles, all of which are rarities of their own.

What makes these toys really stand out among the CDRR merchandise even today is that it is the only ever set of soft Ranger toys which includes Monterey Jack and especially Gadget whose doll is the most sought-after and the most expensive of the whole set, not only because of her popularity in the fandom, but also because she is the most accurate of the four. More than once, about $300 have been paid for a single Gadget, and the whole set of four tends to be even more expensive, leading Rangerphiles to believe that most of the money is for Gadget.


Six Applause stuffed toy variations: "old" Chip, "old" Dale, "new" Monty, "new" Chip, "new" Dale, "new" Gadget.

All four dolls are about 6–7" tall and crafted similarly: The heads and paws are made of vinyl and modeled quite realistically; the heads are hollow and painted. The bodies and limbs are made of fabric and stuffed. While Chip, Dale, and Monty have extremely short and stubby legs, Gadget's proportions were faithfully carried over from the show. Except for the headgear and Gadget's shirt, the clothes—accurate up to Gadget's belt—are separate and removable, although this might require some effort. Gadget is the only one with a separate headgear piece: The goggles are clipped onto her hair, unlike Chip and Monty's molded-on hats. Monty is the only one wearing two removable pieces of clothing: his green turtleneck and his coat.

According to Everything Rescue Ranger, all four have been redesigned at some point:

  • Chip who is slightly smaller than Dale in his earlier version was changed to Dale's height.
  • Dale got a lighter head color like Chip's.
  • The tails on both chipmunks were shortened.
  • Monty lost the rope tail he had first.
  • Gadget's soft body was changed from peach like her fur to white, resembling the white shirt she wears underneath her coveralls.

Gadget is not only the most faithful recreation of her cartoon version and the most popular doll, she is also the one with the most variations. Both the early and the late version have been seen with and without an original rope tail.

Fandom references

The Acorn Cafe's Insane Gadget Plushie is based on the Gadget doll, but alive, formerly insane, and now still quite mischievous.

In Under The Bridge, Widget Hackwrench, starting out as the main villain, is in possession of a dozen Gadget plushies. She used to have even more, but she destroys them regularly in a hydraulic press. They're not mentioned by name, but there have only ever been so many life-sized Gadget dolls or figurines available in Orlando, Florida (as in Walt Disney World which goes unmentioned, too) with a PVC head that could come off. Although Gadget plushies can't technically exist in the Rescue Rangers world, this kind of parodies the scarceness of Gadget plushies.

Midnight Man's song parodies Like A Gadgephile and Gadget Case explain that it takes some "luck and several hundred bucks" to acquire a Gadget plushie. She is also mentioned in The Cover Of The Acorn News, Northern Flanders Song, and Let Me Rangerise You.

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