An Elephant Never Suspects

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Gadget tries to ask a tortoise if he knows anything about the peanut thefts

Writing Credits: Julia J. Roberts

First Aired: October 4, 1989

Title reference: Wordplay on the maxim an elephant never forgets.

Episode Number: 36

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1210


The Rangers are at the zoo helping young Elliot the elephant pile his peanuts according to the specifications of his bigoted father, Captain Colonel. When the zoo's peanuts start disappearing, Colonel and the zoo animals are suspicious of each other. The Rangers investigate and are eventually blamed for the peanuts' disappearance. Although the animals loose faith in the Rangers, Chip rallies the team. Finally, Chip and Dale find the true thieves, two pandas who just want to go home to China.


The Rescue Rangers


Captain Colonel

Heebie and Jeebie and their neighbor the bear

Ming Ting and Ting-A-Ling


The Dragon Digger

The 21-Nut Salute


Captain Colonel: Watch your tongue, bruin!

Captain Colonel: Hmph! Rodents in the food supply!

Chip: We know we didn't steal the peanuts.

Dale: Right.

Chip: Do we know who did?

Dale: No.

Chip: Then what are we waiting for?


  • Elliot and Colonel are based off of the elephants in The Jungle Book.
  • In the DVD captions, the bear is referenced as "Bruin" as if it is a proper name.