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'''''All Hands'''''' is a one-shot character and member of [[Captain Finn's crew]].
'''''All Hands'''''' is a one-shot character and member of [[Captain Finn's Crew]].
== Canonical Information ==
== Canonical Information ==

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All Hands' is a one-shot character and member of Captain Finn's Crew.

Canonical Information


All Hands' is a pink octopus who is seen to wear a stereotypical white seaman's cap.


All Hands' is a typical co-dependant personality. In the presence of Captain Finn he is eager to please and determined to show his genuine loyalty. Once outside earshot of Fin he becomes somber and despondent, often heard to wonder alloud why others in the crew aren't made to perform the dangerous jobs that he is expected to do or even expressing his doubt that Captain Finn could manage without him.

That being said All Hands' is perhaps one of the most capable crewcreatures aboard the Nautillus. He shows the remarkable dexterity and range of motion which his specie are noted for, and volunteers for missions quickly and cheerfully.

In the end it is All Hands' who is responsible in many ways for the failing of Captain Finn and the terrorist plans which he was attempting to initiate. First, the Rescue Rangers are able to use All Hands' to lead them to Finn. Second, it is All Hands' who fails to capture the Rangers once they begin trying to use the organ to pump water out of the Nautillus. Third, it is he who lets the bubble solution (which the Rangers were using for diving helmets) enter the organ and produce the cloud of bubbles that eventually carry Finn to his doom.

Sadly perhaps it is All Hands' alone of the crew who escapes the fate of the Nautillus and her master. This is due to the fact that the Rescue Rangers use him as a parachute to secure their own escape, though to his credit his last line in canon is concern over the fate of Captain Finn.


All Hands' plays an important role in that he is the comic relief to Captain Finn.


All Hands' makes but one appearance in the series, that being in the episode A Creep in the Deep, which first aired on November 13, 1989.


"I'm his strong right arms!"

"I knew you wouldn't leave me high and dry!"

"The captain's not going to like that at all, not at all!"


All Hands' name is a reference to a general duty call on board naval vessels, where such calls as "All hands' on deck!" are used to call general seamen and petty officers to order.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

All Hands' shares the same condition in fanon as Captain Finn and the rest of the crew of the Nautillus, that being the scarcity of any fan-fiction or fan-art produced of him. Yet, Captain Finn's crew is mentioned in Michael Demcio's fanfic Rhyme and Reason.