Adventures in Squirrelsitting

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Tammy gives Chip an embarrassing (for him) hug

Writing Credits: Dev Ross, Tad Stones

First Aired: First aired in the US on April 9, 1989

Title Reference: Play on the movie title Adventures in Babysitting; it is involving squirrels in this case.

Episode Number: 7

Season: 1

Production Order: 5

Production Number: CDRR 1107


The story begins in Chinatown where the Rescue Rangers chase Fat Cat and his goons who have stolen the Maltese Mouse. They manage to take it from the crooks, but the chase ends for them in the treehouse of a squirrel family which they put in a total mess. Fat Cat threatens to do harm to the two squirrel girls Tammy and Bink, so the Rangers give him the Maltese Mouse back, but still they have to rescue the girls—a consequence of which is that teen-aged Tammy develops a major crush on Chip.

Since Mrs. Squirrel needs some time to tidy up her dwelling-place, the Rangers agree to "babysit" her daughters and take them to the Headquarters. While little Bink impresses Monty with her immense appetite and then takes the Ranger Plane for a joyride which Zipper tries hard to stop, Tammy has "Chipper" lead her around the HQ, ignoring Gadget almost completely out of sheer jealousy. Her direct, flirtatious way annoys Chip so much that he can't help but yell at her. But when the other Rangers make him apologize for making her cry, he finds out that she and Bink are gone—they are at Fat Cat's Casino to retrieve the Maltese Mouse on their own. To rescue them, Chip and Dale start by tricking out Fat Cat and his henchmen in a somehow weird way...


The Rescue Rangers

Mrs. Squirrel



Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen


The Ranger Plane

The Plunger Crossbow

The Suction Cup Shoes


The Fat Cat Stomp

Dale: Hey all you cats, don't sit and stare

Swing your tails, get out of those chairs

Chip: Put down your milk, turn up the juice,

Both: The fur's gonna fly when we all cut loose!

Both: (Chorus) So baby stop chompin'

Let's start stompin'

With Big Fat Daddy C

It's as hot as jalapeno

In Fat Cat's casino

That's the place to be

Do the Fat Cat Stomp with Big Fat Daddy C

Dale: Oh, here's one cat I'd like to see

Cheek to cheek, dancin' with me

Chip: Come on Fat Cat, it's your turn

Fat Cat: The dance floor's hot and I got nine lives to burn!

All: So baby stop chompin'

Let's start stompin'

With Big Fat Daddy C

It's as hot as jalapeno

In Fat Cat's casino

That's the place to be

Do the Fat Cat Stomp with Big Fat Daddy C

Do the Fat Cat Stomp with Big Fat Daddy C

Do the Fat Cat Stomp with Big Fat Daddy C


Fat Cat: So glad you're prompt; I wouldn't want to to keep the little ones hanging, ha ha ha! Quite a dilemma, isn't it, my ridiculous Rangers? Save the kiddies or keep the statue.

Tammy: You saved me! You're my hero!

Gadget: Golly, this place is a mess!

Chip: Really? Looks better than Dale's room.

Tammy: Mother, I'm too old to be babysat. But I'll go along to help Chipper with the baby.

Monty: I learned to slice an apple this way from a food-crazed ninja gerbil!

Fat Cat: Leaving? We'd hoped we'd get another song. But your piano seemed just the teensiest bit out of tune. Right about... Here! There's the problem. You had squirrel minors in your C-Major!

Fat Cat: You know, I could corrupt these children. Over the years, I could guide their innocent minds towards a life of wrongdoing. Yes! I could mold them in my image, hone them into criminal geniuses, the only ones capable of carrying on my empire! Ah, but who's got the time—toss them in!


Chip and Dale both appear in drag in this episode. However, this is subject to a few mistakes. From scene to scene, their pants keep appearing and disappearing. And Dale's dress is damaged by a falling axe during the showdown, but a few scenes later, the damage is gone.

Fat Cat actually enjoys the Stomp—even after he finds out that it is written and composed by his enemies, the Rescue Rangers, he continues singing it.

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