Acorn Cafe Adventure

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Acorn Cafe Adventure is a term used for a special kind of fan fiction. Coined by RangerReady23, the author of the first stories of this kind, it describes a story which partly and not even necessarily takes place at the Acorn Cafe as a real place in an author's Rangerverse, but which involves a number Rangerphile avatars, characters which represent Rangerphiles at the Café and which have been created by their owners before. However, the Rescue Rangers appear in these stories as well as other canonical characters.

In most cases, an Acorn Cafe Adventure is a piece of self-insertion fan fiction, i.e. the author is represented by his or her own avatar within the action of the story, and frequently, it is written in first person from the author's point of view. Still, the author's character is one among many and usually not superior to the other Rangerphile characters.