A Wolf in Cheap Clothing

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The Rangers playing cards on a stake-out

Writing Credits: Kevin Hopps & Tad Stones

First Aired: October 12, 1989

Title reference: Play on the metaphor a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Episode Number: 29

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1216


A robbery that is apparently carried out by a wolf draws the attention of the Rangers. During a stakeout in the zoo, the Rangers watch one of the wolves, Harry, turn into human form. The Rangers follow him on his wild adventures; meanwhile Kriby and Muldoon chase the wolf from another robbery. During a chase, Harry turns back into a wolf and the wolf burgler turns in to Professor Nimnul. The Rangers then split up. Chip & Dale discover that Nimnul has created a device, the Metamorphisizer, which switches the physical forms of two animals. Nimnul uses this to exchange physical forms with Harry the wolf so he can carry out his robberies. Chip & Dale are able to escape from Nimmul with two devices. The other Rangers help Harry escape the pound. They all meet up and through the switching of metamorphisizers among animals in the zoo, Nimnul and the many zoo animals become mixed-up species. The Rangers manage to un-scrable all the animals and Nimnul is taken into custody.


The Rescue Rangers

Norton Nimnul



Harry (the wolf)

Harriett (the she-wolf)


The Ranger Plane


Ranger Glider


Gadget: But you can't have those things, you're an animal!

Harry: Owww, you know it! A Party animal!


  • This is one of the few episodes where Dale bonks Chip on the head