A Lad in a Lamp

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Writing Credits: Eric Lewald

First Aired: October 3, 1989

Title Reference: Reference to the legend of Aladdin's lamp which the lamp in this episode seems to be.

Episode Number: 19

Season: 2

Production Number: 14


Monterey Jack can hardly believe his luck when he discovers an ancient oil lamp at the docks and finds out that there's a Genie living in it who grants him three wishes. He takes the lamp home to the Rescue Rangers Headquarters, and being just himself and to demonstrate the Genie's power to his friends, he wishes for a huge amount of cheese.

But someone else is after this lamp, too, and that someone else is Fat Cat. The trouble starts when, after being told so by the magical creature, Monty gives his last wish for a vacation for the Genie and ends up as the Genie in the lamp himself whereas the original Genie starts a life as a normal human. The lamp with Monty inside gets into Fat Cat's paws who misuses the wishes of his goons for his own benefit. And his satisfaction is increased by the fact that it's a Rescue Ranger who serves him. The other Rangers realize they don't have to search the city for the lamp when a most impressive golden palace appears where the Happy Tom cat food factory used to be.




Gadget Hackwrench

Monterey Jack


The Genie

Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen


The Ranger Plane

The Gadget Robot


Monty: Now, pally, I said not to touch me lamp until I'm done with it.

Gadget: Have it your way, Mr. Monterey Jack! Maybe your next wish oughta be for some new friends!

Mole: All I wanted was a candy bar.

Fat Cat: Thank goodness I'm here to rescue it from you pea-brained small-time thinkers and your puny little wishes.

Mole: But, it... it was gonna be extra-large candy bar!

Fat Cat: (sighs) I bet mind-readers only charge you half-price.


A Lad in a Lamp is probably the only episode which has never been and will never be referred to in fan fiction. The reason is simple: Its events have never happened. The last wish was for exactly that, and after time went back to the beginning of the episode, neither Monty nor Fat Cat ever got the lamp.