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[[Image:A_Fly_in_the_Ointment.jpg|right|frame|Zipper, with Nimnul's body, and Nimnul, with Zipper's body]]
'''Writing Credits:''' [[Alan Burnett]]
'''Writing Credits:''' [[Alan Burnett]]
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[[Category:Episodes|Fly in the Ointment]]
[[Category:Episodes|Fly in the Ointment]]
[[Category:Canon|Fly in the Ointment]]

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Zipper, with Nimnul's body, and Nimnul, with Zipper's body

Writing Credits: Alan Burnett

First Aired: First aired in the US on September 26, 1990

Title Reference: A phrase which stayed unchanged, but in which the word "fly" is meant literally and refers to Zipper.

Episode Number: 63

Season: 3

Production Number: 55


Professor Norton Nimnul has invented a new, seemingly safe way of escaping from the police—through the telephone lines, using his Modemizer. When the Rescue Rangers try to stop him after another raid and he activates the Modemizer, Zipper gets into the device, too. The result is Zipper's oversized head sitting on Nimnul's body and vice versa.

For this one time, Nimnul needs help from the Rangers, and they need his. But although he can easily communicate with them now, helping him proves more difficult and dangerous than expected when the Modemizer causes Dale and Gadget, and Chip and Monty to switch bodies, too.


The Rescue Rangers

Norton Nimnul

Kirby & Muldoon

The doctor


The Ranger Plane

The Ranger Wing

The Modemizer


Dale (with Gadget's body): Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear! I always wanted to get close to Gadget. But not this close!

Gadget (with Dale's body): Keep the hands off the body!

The doctor examining Zipper (with Nimnul's body): Either you're part fly, or a frustrated art critic.

The doctor (pulling down example pictures as he speaks): Which do you find more attractive: this woo-woo girl, or this wasp?

(Zipper indicates that he likes the wasp better)

The doctor: I kind of like the wasp myself. But who said a doctor can't be sick?!?


The episode is a parody on the classic horror movie The Fly.

A Fly in the Ointment is the only episode which features both the Ranger Plane and the Ranger Wing.

Since the events of this episode, Norton Nimnul knows the location of the Rescue Rangers Headquarters as he has been there himself when his head was stuck on Zipper's body.

It is considered possible among the pros that even after switching back, Gadget may have kept a bit of chipmunk DNA which may render her genetically compatible with the chipmunks in general and Chip particularly.

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