A Creep in the Deep

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All Hands tries to nab Chip and Dale on the organ in the submarine

Writing Credits:

First Aired: November 13, 1989

Title Reference: A rhyme.

Episode Number: 33

Season: 2

Production Number: 29


The Rescue Rangers go to investigate a number of attacks on human transportation services and facilities revolving around the use of fish and seafood. In doing so they reveal the plans of Captain Finn, that being the use of his monstrous submarine to have his vengeance upon the Land Walkers and Air Breathers which he blames for all the ills of his life. After catching up with an old associate of Monty's, the salty Barnacle Bill, at The Seafood Bar the Rangers go to intercept him at Sealand Aquarium Park. The main star of this park, Nemo the Orca, is at first reluctant to believe he is the target of a terrorist attack but is soon convinced when Finn's "strong right arms", All Hands' the Octopus, collapses the walls of his tank with a charge of dynamite. Refusing Finn's offer of alliance Nemo returns the Rangers to the park where they are able to use All Hands' to track down Finn. Captured then by Finn they are witnesses to the telling of his sad tale of the destruction of his graduating School of Anchovies (of which Finn was Valedictorian) at the hands of the Land Walkers.

Finn then sets his sights on making an example of the city, destroying the dam to flood it. The Rangers escape from the "oxarium" in a cute scene involving Gadget's glass cutters, and attempt to foil the destruction. All Hands' inadvertently makes matters worse for Finn when he accidentally lets the Rangers bubble solution (which they had used for diving helmets) enter the organ which the Rangers had hoped to use to pump water out of the submarine. Captain Finn, now desperate, orders a final charge upon the dam at the risk of his own life and the lives of his crew. In the end he can only scream in rage as his submarine is lifted into the air on a cloud of bubbles, ending the threat to the city and apparently his terrorist agenda...


The Rescue Rangers

Captain Finn


All Hands'

Mr. Starfish

Captain Finn's Crew

Barnacle Bill

Prickly Prawn



The Nautillus

The Ranger Sub, alternate version.

Gadget's Glass Cutter

A fishing pole 93 Times Faster than Average


Monty: Do you always carry a glass cutter around with ya'?

Gadget: No, just when I want to cut glass...

Captain Finn: Now I strike for all of Fishdom!

Kerfluffles and Flummoxes

  • Captain Finn's name is read as Captain Fin on the Volume 2 DVD set.
  • Rangerphile BOC42 used A Creep in the Deep as part of a college English class discussing roles and characterization.