A Chorus Crime

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A Chorus Crime
Screenshot from A Chorus Crime
Chip and Gadget with the penguins, near Baffin Island
Writing credits: Doug Hutchinson
First aired: First aired in the US on November 5th, 1990
Title reference: Play on the musical A Chorus Line
Episode number: 64
Season: 3
Production order: 59
Production number: CDRR 1304
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Monty and Zipper split off from a group trip to the theater to greet an incoming cheese freighter. Nobody's plans work out, however, as the ship has been sunk and the play canceled because its star's custom tap shoes were stolen from the factory. The two groups separately follow their own mysteries' clues to Baffin Island, where Norton Nimnul has outfitted penguins with the stolen shoes so that their tap dancing can break off icebergs and sink ships for Nimnul to loot.


The Rescue Rangers

Canina LaFur

Norton Nimnul


Nimnul's sub


All safe, Cap'n, not a man lost!

Maybe not a man, but one heck of a mouse!

This is unthinkable! I don't want lunch! I want tremendous barrels of wealth. Beyond the boundaries of unrestrained greed!

Where's Fred Astaire when you need him?


  • Candy Goldstein's brother was born a few hours after this episode premiered.
  • Gadget discretely refers to her own clothing as "overalls" in this episode. Per Wikipedia, the term in American English usually refers to dungarees (pants with suspenders.) Closer to Gadget's outfit are boilersuits (American: coveralls), but the Wikipedia article states that these articles do not have lapels, which Gadget's suit does have.
  • Jim Cummings related in a Disney Magazine article that when this episode was recorded, Carol Channing's shirt caused noise in her microphone. She nonchalantly removed her shirt and finished the session topless.
  • Penguins do not exist in the wild in Canada; they are Antarctic and very rare in the Northern Hemisphere. The Mountie who questions Nimnul does not seem to be aware of this.
  • Nimnul's excuse that he is waiting for a permit in the mail might hold water - Canada has suffered multiple, crippling nationwide postal strikes.