2007 Golden Acorn Awards

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The 2007 Golden Acorn Awards took place at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on February 29, 2008, starting at 7:00PM CST (01:00GMT).

Presentation artwork and comics were done by Severe Weather Eddie. Also, KomandoRR wrote an acceptance speech in comic format. In addition, there were several videos at the 2007 Ceremonies, one of which marked the 10th anniversary of the Acorn Cafe.

Website Awards

Best Original Website Section - Tanka's CDRR Pages - World-wide

Other nominees:

Most Informative Website - Tie between the RangerWiki and the Acorn Cafe

Other nominees:

Best Website Layout - a tie between Rescue Rangers HQ by Charlie Price and the Russian CDRR Portal by Ruslan

Other nominees:

Best Website Content - The RangerWiki

Other nominees:

Best Website Maintainer - "The Team:" The Acorn Cafe moderators: Dr. Indy, Chairman Kaga, Framwinkle, Jeff Parkes, Ray Jones and Charlie Price

Other nominees:

Best Website - The Acorn Café

Other nominees:

Artwork Awards

Best Music Video - CDRR/A-Team Crossover by Sinclair

Other nominees:

Best Animation - Tie between Rye Walking by Rye and Lovers by Leo

Other nominees:

Best Original Costuming - Tie between Rangers as Peanuts by Pensacola Ranger and Dale in a Dress by Rye

Other nominees:

Best Illustration Inspired by a Fanfic - The Rangerillion Poster Redux by Rye

Other nominees:

Best Portrait of a Ranger - Tie between Thinking Gadget by KomandoRR and Don't Leave Me Alone by Rye.

Other nominees:

Best Black and White Image (Greyscale) - Dale and Foxy Hangin' Out by fish

Other nominees:

Best Color Image (CGI) - Tie between Ranger Plane 3D by ArChip and New Years Pic by Trash.

Other nominees:

Best Color Image (Traditional) - Tie between Fire, by Trash and Chip and the Ravens, by Rye.

Other nominees:

Best Artist - DeLTa

Other nominees:

Best Artwork - Three-way tie between DeLTa for Look at Butterfly (Think Again), Rye for Don't Leave Me Alone and fish for Dale and Foxy hangin' out.

Other nominees:

Written Work Awards

Best Song Parody -

Best Satire -

Best Poetic Imagery -

Best Poet -

Best Verse (Russian) -

Best Verse -

Best Use of a Recurring Series Character -

Best Use of a One-Shot Series Character -

Best Characterization of the Rangers -

Best Character Interaction -

Best Original Villain -

Best Original Female Character -

Best Original Male Character -

Best Narrative Description -

Best Short Story -

Best Mystery/Thriller -

Best Romance -

Best Drama -

Best Action Adventure -

Best Comedy -

Most Improved Author -

Best Author -

Best Story (Russian) -

Best Story -

Special Awards

Outstanding Website Achievement - Transferring the RRDatabase from Winston to Tanka

Other nominations:

Most Helpful Rangerphile -

Best Nutcase - A tie between Yunkel and Racebest.

Most Prolific Rangerphile -

Special Mention -

Best Motivational Poster -

All-Time Best Awards

Best All-Time Website -

Best All-Time Artist -

Best All-Time Artwork -

Best All-Time Fanfic -

Miscellaneous Awards

2007 Rookie of the Year -

2007 Natasha Kashefipour Lifetime Achievement Award -

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