'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'

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Writing credits: Gyrotank

Written: October - December 2007

First released: Russian version, 'Zavtra - znachit nikogda', posted in its entirety on Russian CDRR Headquarters on December 7th, 2007. English translation posted on The Acorn Cafe in series format from April 19th, 2008 till June 25th, 2008

Title reference: Reference to time loop Gadget finds herself in as well as the concept of 'not putting anything important till later which may never come'

Continuity: Second story in series, preceded by Malf-Life and followed by Offensive Care

Length: 82,740 words, 4 parts (Russian version); 103,453 words, 4 parts (English version) (the difference in size is due to language differences only, there were no additional episodes)

Rating: PG-13 for intensiveness, angst and suggestiveness. The most suggestive scene was later rewritten to make the story suitable for the Acorn Cafe rules.


On Saturday, June 13, the decisive match of Stanley Cup Final Series will be played in Rangers' native city which they can't miss. Unfortunately, the visit to Bottlebottom Research Center inspired Gadget's inventive spree and she declines the offer because of business, disappointing her friends greatly, especially the chipmunks. The other four Rangers go to Ice-Dome sports complex without her.

In the evening Gadget gets to know that Boeing 747 crashed down on the sports arena killing her friends. Only now, having lost them, she realizes how much they meant to her, how little attention she paid to them really and that she'd give everything to return them, to change everything.

The next day she awakens to find out it's Saturday the 13th again, and her friends are alive. But turns out, it's just one side of the coin, since from now on Gadget is doomed to live through the same day over and over until she indeed changes everything...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers


Buzz (mentioned)

Foxglove (mentioned)

Harold Bucksup III (mentioned)

Stan Blather


Commander Vader

Luke, Chewy and Oby

Doctor Stone

Nurse Mildred


Father Scott



The Ranger Wing

The Ranger Plane



Rangers' Gas Masks

Gadget's Plunger Shoes

The Miniature Plunger Guns


Gadget's Aircraft Rescue Kit


(Russian version)

2007 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Story (Russian)

2007 Golden Gadget Awards: Best All-Time Fanfic

(English version)

2008 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Narrative Description for Gadget saving the airliner (tied with Fin's Attack on the city from Awakening by Zaptifun & Mr. Spumoni and Requiem for a Reprobate by Mr. Spumoni); Best Mystery/Thriller; Best Drama; Best Action/Adventure (tied with Awakening by Zaptiftun & Mr. Spumoni, and Tears for the Devil by Bubbles' Big Brother)


  • In this story, as in the author's Rangerverse as a whole, Rescue Rangers' Hometown is an unnamed city on the Pacific Coast, situated not too far from another fantasy megapolis, San-Angeles
  • The air crash depicted in the story is based on the crash of El Al Flight 1862, which happened in Amsterdam on October 4th, 1992.
  • The names of Rescue Dogs are a homage to the Star Wars Trilogy
  • Father Scott is based on the character from "The Poseidon Adventure" movie
  • Nurse Mildred was initially a mouse but was changed to a chipmunk to make her role in Offensive Care more prominent and explainable. Her second name, 'Munkched', isn't mentioned until the next story. Her prototype is Nurse Mildred Ratched from the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
  • The band A-kha is based on Norwegian band a-ha. The 'Dirk Suave movie theme song' Dale mentions is reference to a-ha's title song for James Bond movie "The Living Daylights"
  • The name of Sea-City's NTSB representative, Connor Phillips, is a homage to the name of protagonist in the movie "Groundhog Day", from which the whole "time loop" plot concept is borrowed

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